Corporate Governance

The Group is committed to maintaining high standards of ethics, corporate governance and effective accountability mechanisms in every aspect of its business. Conducting business in a socially responsible and honest manner serves both the Group's and shareholders' long-term interests.

The Group firmly believes that its commitment to good corporate governance has allowed it to grow from a firm foundation and provide quality products and services to the community, while maximizing shareholder returns.

The Group has an Audit Committee to ensure proper reporting and adequate internal controls, with a majority of the committee members being independent non-executive directors. In addition, Remuneration and Nomination Committees were also established. Other measures to safeguard shareholders' interests include the Group's effective board of directors and the prompt disclosure of relevant information to shareholders.

The Group maintains high transparency with the timely release of information to shareholders and investors. This commitment to prompt disclosure of relevant corporate information includes:

  • Annual, interim and quarterly reports
  • Circulars and announcements

All of these are available on the Group's web site.