Our Business Strategy

The Group's business strategy is built on the following three central pillars:

  • Maintain china market leadership position as a importer and distributor by increasing its annual sales volume. The Group is well-positioned to consolidate and further expand its market share in the premium automobile market;

  • Strengthen the competitive position of distribution of vehicles and parts by (i) expanding the sales and distribution networks into the second and third-tier cities in the PRC. (ii) Further to it, the Group is considering other brand representations and is negotiating with a Japanese and an European manufacturer for authorized distributorship in PRC. This is a step to further support its goal as the leading premium automotive sales and service provider in the PRC;

  • Endeavor to become the strongest auto-refinishing and tuning specialist in the Chinese automotive industry by the use of high quality products and introducing high quality automotive components through working relations and partnerships with established foreign tuning house; also equipped with advanced machineries, state-of-the-art equipment, and certified and overseas technicians, the Group is well poised to capture the growing market for specialized tuning and auto refinishing.